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09-Dec-2017 22:01

I could tell that she was excited in more ways than one by the meeting and that I would be rewarded when we got back to my apartment with a night of great sex. It was just like the old days when I was interning at the same movie studio that Kalinda worked.

As the line inched along, I pictured my self naked, wearing only a collar around my neck as well as that of those in line. That’s how we met, or I should say, where she spotted me.

My mentor was one of the old time bosses who didn’t revel in the chance to abuse the interns.

We got along wonderfully once he saw my work ethic. I got to run several packages and messages to shoots.

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I knew this because of the thigh high stockings she wore.

Best of all, she was wearing her makeup to perfection: Not too heavy, not too light.