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Among the many, the most famous is the Mausoleum of First Quin Emperor.This is within walking distance of the location of the Terra Cotta Warriors.Ko Ker Temple Pyramid in Cambodia: This is one of those questions that comes up on television programs like Jeopardy and other trivia television programs, and the answer is not the Great Pyramid Replica in Las Vegas, Nevada. Monk Mound is known as the Great Pyramid of the United States.It can be found near Collinsville which is outside of St. Monk's Mound is a Pre-Columbian Mississippian Culture Earthwork: Monk Mound is one of the most impressive feats of ancient architecture worldwide.Schematic of a Platform Mound: Experts estimate that it would have taken over dozens of years to complete this monument.

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While some scientists and historians have tried to come up with explanations for how the ancients could have constructed the Great Pyramid, some people have chosen a rather surprising response; aliens.The Chinese pyramids are not nearly as well known as the Egyptian pyramids may be, but China actually has more pyramids than all of Egypt.The Chinese pyramids can be found scattered all throughout China.Most of these pyramids can be linked to the particular dynasties during which they were constructed.

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The Zhou, Quin, Han, Yangling, Xining, and Qingjai contributed the most to the Chinese pyramids.Mausoleum of Han Yang Ling near Xian: Traditionally, these pyramids are flat topped and more similar in structure to the Teotihuacan Pyramids north of Mexico City, Mexico: Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan Outside of Mexico City, Mexico: The structure of the pyramids in China are not as much of a mystery as the Egyptian ones when it comes to the origins of their construction.