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"Hold tight." I was lost, only remembering crying out as the next few hit in succession. Again, and again until at least dozen strokes hit me. Some landed coaxingly gently, others with a resonating bite. Again, and again, his cock drove into my tender, tender pussy! My pussy shook, clenching on him, trying so hard to hold back from exploding. *blushing smile* I finally got my nerve up to write one for the Halloween Story Contest 2017. Normally not one for violence in what I read, being close to Halloween, I felt a titillation at the promise of the dark chill and sank into a suspenseful vampire tale. All I heard was his deep resonant voice calling out, "Kelly, I'm home!

But I..." He pushed my legs off of him and pulled me into a kiss. One that drew out more of what he had just stopped. I turned to look at him, tears rolling down my face. "I lost count, Kelly." I whimpered, remembering not to speak. a swat of the little leather thong." I let out a sigh of relief. "One for each wrapper." Nnn..." I swallowed back my objection. "There's a lot of wrappers, Kelly." His hand cupped my trembling sex. " His finger rocked inside me while his thumb rubbed my sweet sensitive nub.