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29-Nov-2017 02:30

Here is quite a good summary: I have no idea whether this view is correct but it appears to have a good research basis and certainly makes for fascinating reading.Knowing the true purpose of this costly venture would be at least some comfort to the few remaining Dieppe veterans.My father was in #2 British Army Commando and served in Sicily , Italy , Yugoslavia based on the island of Vis with Tito, and Albania .I am very much interested in anything Commando related .In it he talks of convoys between Alexandria and Tobruk, Alexandria and Malta, and eventually the evacuation of non-essential personnel from Alexandria and Port Said. Keep up the great work I found this website very informative and it helps me learn more on the war, thank you for doing this and I must say keep up the good work. Best wishes, Dr Rodney Pell Dear, it seems to me you completely forgot how the WWII started.

I can foresee many future hours spent searching this site .

I am certainly no ‘expert’ on the War, this blog is a process of exploration and learning for me.

This is very much a generalist site covering as wide a perspective as possible.

Re First Civilian Deaths in England My dad clambered over the ruins after the mine dropped in Clacton and i have a piece of shrapnel with the German eagle stamped on it that he found. He was assigned to the 36th division of the 5th army, company F I believe, under Mark W. He crossed the rapido river on January 21st, 1944 and took part in the battle of Monte Cassino , where he received his first bullet wound, which would be the first of 6 purple hearts and a bronze star.

He climbed on top of the “hot water tank” that turned out to be a torpedo. He passed away peacefully about 2 weeks ago surrounded by ten children and his wife of 66 years.So I am always happy to signpost to places where people can learn more.