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20-Nov-2017 20:43

Be advised that it is not suitable reading for children or those who find the nature of the events too disturbing. I get off just thinking about it all, so why do I need to risk putting it down on paper?Well, the truth is, it's ten times more of a rush when I put it into words.

If that is feasible for you, just let me know what day works best for you and I will send directions to such a place. I get an orgasm every time I read your last e-mail. And your description of us collaborating on the planning of my own slaughter and cooking is so erotic I can hardly stand it! " "Again, forgive me, but it seems rather suspicious. it just doesn't make sense that you want to throw away your life. After a few minutes of teasing silence, she said, as if scripted, "So you think I'm a big bad cop trying to set you up. Have you been luring innocent, unsuspecting young women into your confidence and then plopping them into a cauldron of boiling water? ." "Then would you throw these away with the trash, please, and meet me outside." She drew her hands out from under the table and plunked a clump of lacey red material between our empty burger wrappers, then rose and strode smartly toward the main entrance, her head high, that enigmatic smile still in place.

At best, I expected to hear from some perverted cranks, or maybe a couple of practical joker types pretending to be females.