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His first child Maria Johanna was born on 14 January 1814.

In his memoirs Gräffer describes the predicament of the early years of his marriage: "That way one child after the other appeared and from that time on I always had to fight against worries and hardship, because everything I undertook failed; every speculation, however safely it had been calculated and however unlikely it was that it would not result in a small advantage for me, was undone by unthinkable obstacles and fatalities." "If I had become a hatter", Gräffer writes in his memoirs, "people certainly would have been born without heads for the only reason of having fate still turning against me." In early 1814 the livelihood of Anton and Franziska Gräffer was based on giving private lessons in French, drawing and playing the guitar.

Anton Gräffer was well-acquainted with prominent musicians of his time: he knew Legnani, Mertz, Rossini and Weber, was a friend of Beethoven, and the noted music publisher Tobias Haslinger was his brother-in-law. The manuscript is titled "Autobiographie aus dem Tagebuche eines Wiener Unglücksvogels gezogen, und herausgegeben von Peregrinus" and contains many anecdotes related to important musical personalities, some of which have been published in recent years. Ich war einst bei einer musikalischen Gesellschaft, worunter auch Giuliani und der zu seiner Zeit beliebte Variationendrechsler Abbe Gelinek zugegen waren, welch letzterer bereits schon gegen hundert Thema's über einen Model gefertigt hatte.

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Thus we spent the first years of our marriage giving lessons." In 1815, in the house of Joseph Hardtmuth, Gräffer made the acquaintance of the publisher Peter Cappi who brought him into contact with the art dealer and publisher Domenico Artaria, who hired Gräffer as accountant and appraiser.

When the turn came to Giuliani, Gelinek said to him: "You can nik verse maken; miserabile you speak German." Giuliani, who was a very highly educated man, was a little annoyed by this reproach, because Gelinek had spent almost his entire life in Vienna, but his German was no better than Giuliani's.

Out of revenge he therefore imitated on the table the gestures of a very agitated pianist and sang with a serious and loud voice: Gelinek became inflamed with rage, cursed at the laughing circle and insulted both those who wanted to appease him and primarily Giuliani; took his hat and stick and noisily rushed out of the door and away.

Quantity: 52 linear feet (144 boxes and 53 volumes)Language of materials: Materials in French and English.

Abstract: Additional papers of Marguerite Yourcenar (1903-1987), the French author, as well as papers of her companion, Grace Frick.

For several decades Anton Gräffer was one of the most sought after guitar teachers in the Imperial City and in 18 he published a popular guitar method in two volumes.